Located in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM
400 San Felipe St. # C2
(505) 242-1251

La Crepe Michel will be closed until further notice.
Sorry for the inconvenience



– SOUP –
Onion Soup Kit – Cup $4.95/Bowl $6.50
Soupe du Jour  Cream of tomato-celery – Cup $4.75/Bowl $5.95

Small House Pate Plate $6.95
Large House Pate Plate $11.50

Salade Nicoise $12.95
Croque Monsieur $9.50 (add egg on top $9.95)
Crepe Complete (ham, swiss cheese, and egg) $9.50
Crepe Saumon Fume aux Pommes (smoked salmon, apples, capers, and cream) $10.95
Chicken Sandwich $9.50
Crepe aux Fruits de Mer (seafood crepe) $16.50
Salmon Sandwich $10.50
Spinach Crepe $11.95
Crepe a la Volaille (chicken crepe) $13.50
Spinach-Artichoke Crepe $13.50
Steak Frites $23.95
Saumon in Champagne $22.50
Pork sandwich (pork tenderloin, melted swiss, mustard, and cornichons) $9.95
Ham & brie sandwich (ham, melted brie, red peppers, mustard, and cornichons) $10.50
Ficelle Picardes (crepe with ham, swiss cheese, and bechamel) $9.95
Beef salad (beef tenderloin, brie, red onions, and avocados) $11.50

Chocolate Crepe $5.50
Strawberry Crepe $5.50
3 Cream Crepe $5.50
Crepe David (Nutella, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream) $5.95
Crepe Helene (chocolate with vanilla ice cream) $5.50